Following works may be carried out for the sustainable establishment of WECAN

  • Carrying out ( WECAN Trainings -trainings, workshops, seminars and exhibitions etc.) to meet the technical demand within and outside the country in micro/mini hydro sector.
  • Creating a Cooperative of consultants (WECAN Cooperative) working in Water and Energy Sector.
  • Establishing WECAN Fund.
  • Coordination and cooperation at Government and Non Government level  in Water and Energy sector.
  • Coordinating and cooperating with different organizations (DoED, NEA, AEPC etc.) for carrying out consulting services of hydropower projects upto 5 MW by WECAN consultants.
  • Publishing WECAN Bulletin.
  • Coordinating other organizations and individuals with similar objectives working directly or indirectly from inside and outside the country.
  • Establishing  various fund  raising programs 
  • Raising issues towards promoting engineering values, principles and rights.

Water and Energy Consultants Association , Nepal (WECAN)

Kupandole, Lalitpur, Nepal
GPO Box : 8973, NPC 585
Tel: 01-5546792, 01-5011213,
9851100118, 9851070202, 9851001008
Email: info@wecan.org.np
Web: www.wecan.org.np



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