The main objectives of this organization are as following:

  • Supporting Consultants' values, rights and maintaining professionalism. 
  • Coordinating at national and international level for carrying out seminars, workshops, trainings and consulting services.
  • Creating awareness about the importance of water and energy by media.
  • Creating WECAN fund internally involving consulting firms and individual consultants so that it can support for strengthening the technical capability of  water and energy sector within the country 
  • Creating a common platform for all water and energy consultants working within and abroad country so that it could even support for long term economic development of the country. 

Water and Energy Consultants Association , Nepal (WECAN)

Kupandole, Lalitpur, Nepal
GPO Box : 8973, NPC 585
Tel: 01-5546792, 01-5011213,
9851100118, 9851070202, 9851001008
Email: info@wecan.org.np
Web: www.wecan.org.np



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