Water and Energy Consultants' Association, Nepal (WECAN) was founded by a series of discussions made at formal and informal basis merely based on the Gyapan Patra submitted to Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) dated July 12, 2009. Altogerther 32, consulting companies had signed this document while Submitting in AEPC. 

Discussion on concept paper was made in July 17, 2009 in the presence of micro hydro consultants working in micro/mini hydro sector. After this, first formal meeting was made in July 31,2009 and this meeting decided to register separate body of consultants' working in this sector so that the pertinent issues could be raised at different level,  technical capability could be strengthened and institutional development will be flourished by common effort. This meeting formulated 5 member task force and a team of advisory body was created from micro/mini hydro experts. 

A series of meetings were carried out for creating WECAN. The meeting of July 25, 2009 named this organization as Hydropower Consultants' Association of Nepal (HYCAN) and the chairperson of HYCAN was decided as Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey but its name was revised as Water and Energy Consultants' Association Nepal (WECAN) by the meeting of July 26, 2009. WECAN was formally registered in District Administrative Office , Kathmandu in September 14, 2009.



Water and Energy Consultants Association , Nepal (WECAN)

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